A play by the Jyvaskyla Student Theatre, spring 2005
Written by: Saku Lillukka
Directed by: Antti Marjakangas

I made sound effects and music for the play. Most of it I played onstage with a guitar. At some point I wanted to release a soundtrack album. But the single guitar was too minimalistic, in my opinion, for isolated listening.

Imagine the score of Fandango! with a full band... that was one of the goals with these tunes. But this is not Fandango -- the studio album. At times the music diverges from the course of the play.

The only exception is the finale, which was studio work to begin with, and it is reproduced here exactly.

Anyway, without further ado, here's Music inspired by Fandango, or briefly Fandango Moods. Enjoy with an open mind, and don't wash up too often ;)

Track listing

1Dum Wazza2:41
2Monological theme2:53
3Fruit Salad2:29
4Dum Wacka1:22
5Mercury vapours2:55
6Miss Helen2:23

Total length: 14:43

Miss Helen was originally composed by Fred Raymond, with the full title "Ich hab' das Fräulein Helen baden seh'n". M.A. Numminen has made a Finnish version titled "Olen nähnyt Helga-neidin kylvyssä".


This music is distributed under a Creative Commons license.

You can give copies away, play it in public, use parts of it in your music/performances, and basically do anything you like with the following exceptions:

Source files (e.g. individual instrument tracks) are available on request.

Technical info




Mr Risto A. Paju, Jyvaskyla, Finland